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New York Public Library Event

May 24, 2007 - Wearing Alice + Olivia, at the New York Public Library sponsored lecture for Rebecca Mead's new book, One Perfect Day: The Selling of the American Wedding.


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Hey I was wondering when I'd see you on Red Eye again? Whoops. I was looking up why columnist Rachel Marsden was not on Red eye for weeks and heard she got canned. Than I noticed you are banned? It's OK to talk about strip clubs and Unicorns but not drop the word bestiality in a joke? Its on at freaking 2:00AM show. Oh well, nice site. G
Gosh darn you are beautiful, next thing I will find out is that you are smart as well. Nah, no way.
im sure u get tired of me telling u how perfect u are but omg those legs drive me wild.
You are stunning! (said in non-stalker way)
Oh...my...god. Watching Julia on 'Red Eye' and I'm in love...er..lust. :D

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